Inforce Foundation Supports Scarborough Health-care Heroes

Inforce Foundation is working to provide healthy lunches, dinners and other essential supplies to our frontline health-care workers at at long-term care homes and three different hospitals within the Scarborough Health Network. The three hospitals included are: Scarborough General, Scarborough Grace (Birchmount) and Centenary Hospital. We can only do this with the ongoing support of our generous donors. Your additional support will help us expand our services to other health-care centres.

Health-care workers selflessly put themselves and their families at risk to treat COVID-19 patients. As the pandemic continues, these health-care heroes work grueling 12-hour shifts treating infected patients. To protect their families from inadvertent transmission, many staff even isolate themselves from them and live away from their loved ones.

And, given the stories and numbers from across the globe, the toll on health-care workers will continue. Clearly, more help is needed. With direction from health-care staff, Inforce Foundation will continue to support frontline health-care workers with nutritious meals, essential supplies and hope to expand our service to other facilities.

Here’s how you can help:

Join us in supporting our Scarborough Health-care Heroes by
donating to the cause.

Small business owners can partner with us in this cause, please complete the information below and we will contact you.

    Please continue to do your part by staying home and practicing physical distancing, and remember our health-care heroes
    who are doing more than their fair share to keep us safe and healthy.